Raine Inc. Now: Visit Raine’s new web site, www.raineinc.com

To Our Dealer Friends:

Raine is very pleased to introduce our latest catalog. We have added new, battle tested tactical gear to our Warrior Combat Gear line in ACU, Coyote, Black, Multi-cam and Marine Desert. If I were to pick the single word which best describes what is happening in our industry, it would be “change”. Our customer base is in a constant state of demographic shift. Old stores close and new stores open. Many times these stores have completely different customer focuses. The heydays of the traditional surplus store are winding down and you have to adapt to the changes to survive. We must adapt as well to keep your business and help you target your customers.

For the first time, Raine Inc. is including close-out items in our catalog. I hope you will review those products and bring some into your store. Additionally, due to changes made in military buying, we will also be offering deep discounts on good selling items in colors that are being phased out. Please call us for a list of items available for this discount. We will also be adding new items and colors.

Changing times are risky but they can also be exciting and profitable. Please call our sales department to discuss our discount items and to get updates on new items. Also, don’t forget about our ongoing incentive programs. Our minimum order is only $50. On orders of only $150 or more, you get our lowest price. If you order $200 or more using our history form or order through our website, we pay the freight.

Finally, if you have any ideas or customer requests for new items, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your business, past, present, and future.


John Raine,


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