Bicycling to the Expo

Raine is currently preparing for the Army Air Force Exchange Service MCSS (Military Clothing Sales Store) Expo in Minneapolis MN next week, June 7-9. Raine has been supplying AAFES our nylon gear for nearly 25 years now. This Expo allows us a chance to see old friends who manage various MCSS stores throughout the world and thank them for the business.

I am traveling to the show this year a little differently. Instead of flying, I will be driving and bicycling my way to Minneapolis – actually driving and stopping off to ride. I try to ride 40-80 miles a week. Indiana is an ideal place to ride bike. I am a big fan of riding “rail to trail” paths where old rail tracks are paved over to create great bicycling paths. This concept is growing across the country at a high rate. The Midwest is loaded with these trails.
I plan on leaving Indianapolis and traveling ½ way to Caledonia IL and ride the 20 mile Long Prairie trail the first day. The next couple of days in Minneapolis, I will try several of their multitudes of trails. I look forward to their Dakota Trail that weaves throughout various lake areas. Coming back, I plan on riding various trails in Madison Wisconsin.
A couple hundred miles during a workweek – not bad. Have a healthy week.
John Raine

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