Ron’s Personal History

I’ve lived in Anderson, IN most of my life.  I did spend ten years (’82-’92) in Houston, TX.  I graduated from Anderson High School and attended Ball State University.  While there, I injured my knee badly enough to have to drop out of school and I never returned.  My wife, at that time (I’m on my third), was injured in a car wreck, so with mounting bills, I had to go to work.  The bad knee kept me out of the military, which was okay at the time, 1969.  They classified me 4F-(physically unfit for service), which meant they would take women and children, but not me.  The letter stated I could be fined $10,000 and face ten years in prison if I tried to enlist.  The reason given to me was that the military did not want to deal with future knee problems.   If I could go back, I would trade two or three years in the service to not have the leg problems I have now.   The funny thing about this is that I was probably the most athletic person in our family.  Most of my family served and even my son and daughter enlisted.

I worked in finance and banking for nine years, then, after my wife and I both found other people we liked better, I moved into the sales world and have been there ever since.  I sold cars, insurance, home improvements and mortgage financing prior to coming on board with Raine Inc.  While in Houston, I was a partner in a roofing and siding company that is still going strong there today.  My son came to Texas to live with me and went in the army after high school.  My second wife decided I was no longer a fun guy after I quit drinking, so she split.  At about that same time, I started seeing the lovely lady I’m married to today, my wife, Judy.   After we married, Judy received word that one of her daughters was going to have a baby.  This would be the first grandchild for either of us.  She decided that she had to move back to Anderson to be close to her daughter and grandchild.  She knew how I loved Texas and realized that, to move away from my business interest, would be a big financial change for us, so she said she would understand if I decided not to go back with her.  The thing she didn’t realize was how important she truly was in my life.  I needed to be with her as much as I needed air to breathe.  So we moved back to Anderson to be with our families and to whatever uncertain future awaited us.   My father had passed away and my mother needed some help so it made sense to return home.
 In Nov. of ’94, I answered an ad for a sales position at Raine Inc.  A lady from a screening agency called me and asked if I thought I could sell military products.  She couldn’t explain clearly what the position entailed so I told her if they were good products with fair prices, I was sure I could sell them.  Apparently, that sold her on me and she arranged the interview with John Raine.   I did well enough in the interview process that   John gave me the position and, for better or worse, I have been here ever since.  I guess that since I couldn’t serve the military directly, this was a way for me to contribute.
That’s the short version of my life, to date.  In future blogs, I’ll write more about my experiences here, so stay tuned.  I don’t know how interesting it will be for everyone, but it’s been a hell of a ride and I have the scars to prove it.
Best Regards,

Ron James

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