September 27 – 29 in Quantico, Virginia: Come Visit Raine Inc.

The 2011 World’s Largest Military Exposition
focusing on enhanced capabilities for expeditionary forces

Next week I will be heading to Quantico Marine Base, Quantico, VA for the annual Modern Day Marine show.  Like the other military shows, it is dedicated to displaying the latest and greatest new tools of modern warfare for the troops in the field.  There will be armored vehicles, weapons of all sorts, lasers, optics, computers and software—- anything to help today’s warrior achieve his mission and protect him in the field as well.  We will also be there with our holsters, belts, pouches and other accessory items.
I really enjoy doing these shows.  I get energized talking to our soldiers.  They always have good input regarding what we are trying to do and many good new designs and improvements to existing products have come from these venues.  The main thing, however, is getting to meet these high quality men and women.  Many of them have already seen the unspeakable horrors of war, or will soon, and they are all upbeat and positive regarding their service to our country.  It is an honor and a privilege of the highest order to have this opportunity to interact with them.
If you are a Marine that will be at Quantico during the show days of 27-29 September, please come by and say hello to me.  I will be in booth 1528 looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.
Thank you for your service,
Ron James
Business Manager

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