Where on the Map is Raine Inc?

Raine Inc. is located in Anderson, Indiana.  Anderson is a small city located 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. From the early 1900’s to the 1990’s, Anderson hosted Delco Remy, GM and Guide Lamp (later Fisher Guide) who were the top employers in the city. All have now moved out of Anderson and took with them the 30000+ high paying blue collar jobs they employed.  Needless to say, the city is trying to rebound while hurting economically and needing to diversify its’ business base.

Raine Inc. is proud to be part of the Anderson, Indiana economic rebound. We moved to Anderson in 1994 to occupy a 4000 sq. foot building on five acres of land with city utilities. This situation is ideal for expansion.  The first 9000 sq.ft. expansion took place in 1996 and the second 9000 sq.ft. expansion took place in 2002. The building is constructed so the back wall can be removed and built onto.  Needless to say, Raine has plenty of flexibility for growth and plans on staying in Anderson for the long haul.

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