From the Inside of Product Development

I attended the Industrial Fabrics Association International’s (IFAI) Advanced Textile Americas conference.  This is the largest textile trade show in the United States and was held in Baltimore on October 25-27th.
I enjoy going to this annual conference as you find out about the changes in the marketplace, learn about new hardware and fabrics used in products, observe new types of machinery and the overall networking opportunities.
The key points I learned were:  
1)      Raine is using a new, environmentally conscience EVA foam which retains less moisture.  I learned how to cut the foam material in an efficient way and find a broader range of ways to utilize automation.  Prior to that, we were having issues of the foam burning in production and having to hand cut the material. 
In Development: PVS 14 Night Vision Optical System
In Development: Eyeshield Pouch
        Raine is currently working on products using this EVA foam which include the PVS 14 Night Vision Optical System and Eyeshield Pouch.  Products are being developed for 1st Quarter 2012.
2)      Raine is working on a new project for the military and finding out dealers who can provide the computerized machinery at a reasonable cost. 
3)      New standards were learned on rejected goods going through production and keeping tolerances at a limited level.
I am always trying to find better ways to develop products for our clients.  
Steve Alt
Production Manager
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