It’s All in the Details: Raine’s Military Sewing Kit

When I acquired this company 25 years ago, there were only 36 products. One of those items was the Military Sewing Kit. Not being in the military, I wondered why tough soldiers would want a sewing kit. It did not take much thinking to determine that perhaps they may tear things in the field and need to have those things repaired. Right off the bat, the Military Sewing Kit was one of our best sellers. It consists of a small compact nylon zippered case with three pockets, a spool of thread, sewing needles, pins, replacement buttons and folding scissors. The case fits easily in any pocket or pouch and can be easily refilled.

Raine’s Military Sewing Kit (Model 0024Various)
To me, the sewing kit was a big hassle. It required a meticulous effort to sort and pack very tiny items and at first, we could not find an affordable set of high quality folding scissors. I remember I had to assemble everything from scratch myself for a rush order to the Marine Corps 25 years ago. We fixed all those problems and today the Raine Sewing Kit is a major seller in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps exchanges.
John Raine
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