It’s “Simplify Your Life” Week – Start Today!

Ever consider ways to make it less hectic for yourself?  Think through activities before you commit to them could be one way to reduce your stress during this “Simplify Your Life Week”.

Vertical Neck ID Holder (Item #025JNV)

Minimizing your activities could be a start to this “Simplify Your Life Week” or try getting organized with your day-to-day gear.   Raine Inc.’s Combo pouch (Click here for more info on Item #012RTL)  will hold a small 2-way radio, gloves, shears and a tactical light.  Another option is Raine’s Leader Bag MOLLE Pouch (Click here for more info on Item #026FAC) which is an organizer that every leader needs in the field.  It has the capacity to hold up to 7 M-4 or M-16 magazines or other items.  It has storage for pen, pencil and marker holders, key holder, dividers for organization of maps, leader book and more.  The Vertical Neck ID Holder (Click here or more info on Item #025JNV)  is great for travel.  It will hold two ID cards and a passport.   The large internal pocket can also be used to carry other documents or cash.  It is worn conveniently around the neck so you do not have to go searching for your ID at a security check point.

Let Raine help simplify your gear.  Comment below on how you made it easier for yourself this week. Raine would love to hear your feedback!

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