Gearing Up for the September Military Shows

In an earlier post, Raine Inc. introduced our new Marketing and Product Development Manager, Will Romes.  He has come aboard fully engaged and is going full speed in coming up with new ideas and reaching out to the military to determine what new gear they need.  Although details aren’t ready for release just yet, he is working at adding new items to our assortment which we will be showing in the near future as we travel to visit military installations around the country.

Raine will also be showing new items at the upcoming industry shows.  The first two of these will be in mid-September.  From September 18th through the 20th, Raine will be at Ft. Benning for the Maneuver Center of Excellence Exposition (MCE).  Formerly called the Infantry Warfighter Conference, vendors gather to show their newest gear for today’s fighting force.  The show addresses the primary needs of the individual soldier, but also displays high-tech armored vehicles and equipment for entire units.  The second show is the Modern Day Marine conference held at the Quantico Marine Base September 25th-27th.  Like the MCE show, this show will have everything a Marine would need for conducting military operations.  This show is larger than the MCE one because it addresses the needs of an entire Marine Expeditionary Force (without the ship), whereas the MCE is devoted more to the individual soldier.  The real benefit of being at these shows is the opportunity to meet with the young men and women who comprise our armed forces.  It is always good to hear their ideas and witness firsthand their devotion to our flag and country.

Will and I will be in attendance at both shows hoping to show new items and pick up new ideas as well.   If your travels find you in either area during these shows, please come by and say hello.

Ron James
Business Manager

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