Upfront on Experience in the Military by Will Romes

Read firsthand how Will Romes, Raine’s Marketing and Product Development Manager, views his experience of serving the military to now working in the manufacturing side of things.

“Working in the defense contracting industry is very much the same as being in the field as a military member. There’s chains of command, there’s budgets, there are lessons learned and best practices, etc. The military is set up for good order and discipline, with a lot of its work being conducted with guns, but all in all, it’s nothing more than a business whose chief product is providing for the common defense as outlined by our constitution.

I spent a number of years with my boots on the ground leading men, gaining perspective, translating that perspective to the officers appointed over me, and then taking the fight to the enemy. One thing I learned in that time was what I could do to make my equipment better suited for me and my mission set. Naturally, I took that perspective and started looking for ways to make the revisions I wanted done a reality. I found that in Forward Operating Base Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq, where some folks from the 25th Infantry Division had an old sewing machine laying in a corner. Thanks to the marvels of the internet, I ordered some raw materials from the depths of an old Iraqi bunker. The rest is history for me. The transition from military member to military contractor was a seamless one. I still maintain good order and discipline, utilize my chain of command firmly, translate my perspective to those appointed over me, and still take the fight to the enemy…although by different means now. I do it by developing the best products the fighting man or woman could ask for, thereby making them more effective in the field; spending less time worrying about their kit, and more focus on the task at hand. 

The transition is nothing more than a mindset adjustment. While some things change, most are the same to a degree. Taking the man out of the field, cleaning the dirt off his face, and teaching him to not use curse words as often is a transition…but an easy one knowing I still help on the field of battle.


Will Romes
Marketing & Development Manager

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