Our Military: Keeping Us Safe by Ron James

Read how Ron James, Raine’s Business Manager, views the military while on the job.

“With the passing of the anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack on our country, I am reminded of the fine young men and women who stand in front of the citizenry of the United States to protect us and keep us safe.  Besides doing trade shows, I also travel around the country to military bases.  I go into the retail stores on base and set up a small display when they are doing promotional events to draw in more business.  This is one of my favorite things to do because I get to speak with our military people and ask them how we can be of service, what else we can develop for them and how our products perform.  I also usually get a chance to speak with them about more personal things, such as hometowns and families.  One thing I always try to ask is how they are doing in the military and how they like that life.  For the most part, I think most of them candidly give me their honest opinions; especially those who plan on the military as a career, or at least a long-term commitment through the reserves after their active duty is complete.  Some are in it for the educational benefit that follows their enlistment, some are, quite frankly, disappointed with their situations.  Many are high functioning individuals who I know will be successful.   A few don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain.

They all, however, share some common attributes.  They all are in generally good spirits; even those facing an upcoming deployment.  They are fully aware of the risks involved (as are their family members).  They deeply and genuinely love their country and are proud to serve her.  Most importantly, they are committed to their brother or sister in arms.  It doesn’t matter if they are the genius or the one needing leadership the most, the thing they fear more than anything is failing their fellow soldiers.  Wherever they go and whatever they are called upon to do, they will have each other’s backs regardless of the personal risk involved.

I don’t know the origin of the question, I’m not even sure it’s not just a line from the Patton movie, but someone once asked, while viewing a pitched battle, “where do these young men come from?” or something to that effect.  In truth, I don’t have the answer, but they are there standing watch between us and harm’s way.  May God bless them always.”

Ron James
Business Manager

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