Regarding Sandy

When we, as a nation, experience devastation as we did with the recent east coast hurricane, we all realize how fragile all of our situations are. At any moment, everything we hold dear could be at risk. At Raine Inc., our thoughts and prayers go out to all those adversely touched by this disaster. It gives us hope to see stories of folks from far and wide bringing in their expertise in repairing the damage to get the region back on track.

With a hurricane, unlike the tornados we have in our area, there is usually some time afforded to make plans to evacuate or lay in supplies to help families sustain themselves until a return to normal is achieved. I have spoken to some of our customers in the area and have been told that disaster preparedness supplies were on hand and available to help those who sought them. This is a facet of our industry that is a source of pride for me. I take pleasure and comfort knowing that, whenever disaster strikes, our customers lead the way in helping citizens protect themselves and to also recover after feeling the brunt of nature’s wrath.

We wish everyone on the east coast a speedy recovery.

Ron James                                                                                                                              Business Manager

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