Happy New Year tradition

January 1st is considered New Year’s Day in today’s society.  However, this is a pretty new concept because until the time of Julius Caesar, the Romans celebrated the New Year in March because it was the first month on the Roman calendar.  Yet  January 1 marked the time when the Romans changed government positions and new people were inducted into office.  And, they had games and feasting to celebrate the new officials.

It was Caesar who changed the Roman New Year’s Day to January 1st in honor of Janus, God of all beginnings and gate keeper of heaven and earth.  One of the customs in the festival honoring Janus was to exchange gifts and then make resolutions to be friendly and good to one another.

On the other hand, even in 1852, Great Britain and the English colonies in America still kept March as the beginning of the year.  It wasn’t until 1752 that Britain and  its colonies adapted the new Gregorian calendar and January 1st as the beginning of the new year.  But many Puritans in New England felt Janus was an offensive pagan god and chose to simply ignore January 1 as  New Years Day.  Instead, they just made the entire month of January as “The First Month” of the months.

However You choose to celebrate bringing in 2013, Raine Inc. hopes for you a safe Year!

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Source:  31 December 2012. http://brownielocks.com

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