History Buff Sees the Signing Room

On the Saturday after the SHOT Show, I got up early in the morning to make the ten hour drive to Philadelphia to watch my granddaughter play basketball for Butler University against LaSalle.  They won the game easily, but that is not the reason for the post.  After checking out of the hotel on Sunday morning, we had about four hours to kill before game-time.

We used that time to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.   We saw the bell first, but my main interest was Independence Hall.  We waited in line outside for forty five minutes before we were able to enter.  The National Park Service lets 85 people in for a guided tour about every fifteen minutes.  As you enter, you move to the Supreme Court room to your left and listen to a short presentation by the ranger about the legal system of the time and its similarities to ours today.  After that, you move across the hall to the Signing Room.  This is where the Continental Congress convened that gave birth to our nation.

The chair on the elevated platform is the actual chair used by George Washington as he presided on the proceedings.

As a history buff, I was awestruck to be in the same room where the greatest minds in our history debated, and vehemently argued, about how our country would come to be; to think that I was in the very place where John Adams and Thomas Jefferson hotly contested the wording of the greatest document ever handed down, our Declaration of Independence, was inspiring.  These brave men, with the courage to risk all they possessed, including their lives, and the willingness to commit high treason against the King of England, gave rise to these United States where a person could, based on their own ambition and ability, and absent oppressive governance, achieve anything they could dream.

For the sake of this great nation, I hope we can find another collection of such greatness soon.

Ron James                                                                                                                         Business Manager

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