BLACK Weapons Slings Cleverly Crafted with Savvy Sniper Partnership

Raine Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with Savvy Sniper to produce the new Raine BLACK family of weapon slings. There are 4 slings that Raine licensed from Savvy Sniper, which include Savvy Snipers QUAD Cobra QD, QUAD Ambi, HD QUAD SAW and its M4 Lite slings.

These slings utilize a number of different types of hardware configurations for the shooter to get a good fit for their size and gun. Working with Savvy Sniper on some of the very specific hardware requirements has added some really well designed and rock solid pieces of hardware on these slings. From Austri Alpin, to ITW Nexus and everywhere in between, the pieces and parts of these gun slings are built for hard use as well as speed and ease.

“These slings are a really great addition to our Raine BLACK line-up. Brian worked really  hard to develop the secret sauce within these slings and you can really tell he poured his heart and soul into the design work. Mil-Spec tubular webbing is just that, but when you combine its weave and properties with the expertly designed and crafted quick adjust slider plate, you create a very symbiotic relationship. That plate really bites those grooves in the weave of the webbing, but with simple manipulation you are quickly adjusting that sling with next to no effort. Brian has been a great guy throughout this process exercising a lot of patience as we steadily dialed in his tricks of the sling trade. His design is a winner, flat out, and it’s great to add another winner to our family of products.” –Will Romes, Raine Marketing & Development Manager   

The four new slings are newly available and in stock in various different colors (Black, Tan499, Foliage, and Multicam). They can be ordered through the website, but the best way to get these slings now is to call 1-800-826-5354 and place your order. Raine is currently working on a new Raine BLACK website to highlight the entire new line-up and latest product launches.

These products are Made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant.  To view how to use these slings, go to    madeintheusa_small

Raine offers a variety of products in their BLACK line and can be found at  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

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