Raine Has Brought On Dan With Development Plans

Raine Inc. is proud to introduce Dan Wilson as the newest addition to its development team. Raine is committed to the constant pursuit of problem solving on today’s very dynamic battlefield, and we believe that the addition of Dan is a force multiplier in that pursuit. Dan comes to Raine by way of the United States Air force, where he is a 14 year veteran of active and National Guard service. Dan joins Raine in “Development”, with his main focuses hovering around technical product and manufacturing development.

“Danny has a very technical brain; he is very problem solving oriented. Having served together and through a lot together, he was the next logical step in our development processes, and really development as a company.  He and I have been working very closely on a lot of projects over the years and while only being here at Raine for a few short months, his impact has been immediate and has started the company on positive paths from top to bottom. We’ve only scratched the surface with Danny on board, and I think his impact is going to continue to be felt in a big way as we proceed on with our objectives. He embodies our “Lighter..Faster…Stronger” mindset so I think this is going to be a lot of fun!”

-Will Romes, Development & Marketing Manager, Raine Inc

Raine Inc. is in its 26th year of producing high quality, durable nylon gear and have been overwhelmingly accepted by the US Military as well as by professionals in the areas of Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Industry and Outdoor Sports.  To learn more about our Made in the USA and Berry Compliant products, click here.

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to http://raineinc.com  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

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