Latest Blow Out Kit

See Raine BLACK’s newest Blow Out Kit that Will Romes, Marketing & Development Manager, did for the same AFSOC unit. The pouch is not a full IFAK, but rather a very specifically designed system as dictated by what the Combat controllers required. The Blow Out Kit is a tear away- allowing triage to happen much quicker than any hard mounted solution that exists on the market. Pouch features 4-way stretch fabric by Duro to reduce weight. 

This product is Made in the USA and Berry Compliant.  Call Raine Inc. for your unit’s need at 1-800-826-5354. madeintheusa_small

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10 thoughts on “Latest Blow Out Kit

    • This was a special production for a special operations unit and isn’t currently available. We are currently discussing the possibility of adding it to our lineup or re-designing it completely. Date of decision unknown at this time. Thanks for your inquiry Paul!

      • thanks for the reply, current leo wanting to add this to my rig on my own dime. very good looking pouch!

      • This particular project was very carefully constructed around a specific units specific mission set. We are evaluating its merits as is, or subtle modifications to meet a broader range of users. There is no timetable for this to occur, but when it does we will be very public in the announcement, as we have received quite a lot of great feedback and interest. We hope you keep following us!

      • definitely keeping an eye on your gear. currently switching over to multicam from coyote brown and you have good stuff available so far.thanks

      • I have been looking for this exact product for my guys for a while now. I understand it is “not currently available” but I would like to know if it can be “made available” by special request?

        Same as when you made it for the SOF Unit.

        Please email a response. Thanks.

    • Yes Paul. Please call our office at 1-800-826-5354 about the blowout kits. We apologize for the delay but look forward to your call. If you prefer, you can send your phone # and we can contact you directly.

      -Julie, Raine Inc.

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