Raine BLACK’s R2 Ruck to Keep Your Field Gear In Check

Raine BLACK’s R2 Ruck is now in stock in Multi Cam and Coyote Brown styles.  Stay tuned for the Air Force ABU pattern in stock.

BLACK’s very purpose for the R2 Ruck was built for maximum load carry with tubular design and is weight distribution friendly.  The R2 Ruck is packed vertically and geared towards communication management for the special operations with Air Force Special Operations in mind.  It handles the gear needed to carry communication and guidance equipment.  Typically in the past, there hasn’t been a pack that has enough space to carry all the kit needed on the body and also having to do some ad-hoc fixes in the field with cable and cord management and routing them just to name a few examples.

Here are some of the main internal features:

  • Inside the R2 Ruck, 117G and 117F radios can be carried internally with the cords and antennas coming out of the pack while Ruck is on the person’s back.
  • 117G and 117F radio pouch
  • High visibility yellow panels for equipment acquisition in low light environment
  • 3-Liter hydration bladder sleeve and can go out the top from drinking tube
  • High density polyurethane frame sheet

Some of the external features include:

  • The R2 Ruck features an external pouch, with beaver tail configuration.  There are several small  and zippered pockets to keep small tools and items intact.
  • The R2Ruck beaver tail and main compartment is designed to fit the Mich helmet or carry standard weather gear with open air expandability, without taking up the internal cubic inch space.
  • Outside the beaver tail is a daisy chain and webbing for additional cord management for cabineering, snap hooks and to stow equipment.  The cords can be managed from routing  them to pass through inside the R2Ruck.
  • Low profile shoulder straps are padded with built-in load lifter straps
  • There is a removable padded waist belt to even out and manage the load onto your body.

Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, and can be found at http://raineinc.com.  For more information, the R2 Ruck can be found here and is Berry Compliant.

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