Vector LCP Specs Thought Out by Raine BLACK

Vector LCP (Load Carry Platform) was created with two basic principles:

1.       Max durability: It had to be better than what was out on the market currently or what’s the point

2.       Max weight savings: we were able to achieve about 45% weight savings over a standard cut and sew MOLLE platform.

Vector LCP  is the brain-child of Will Romes, Marketing & Development Manager at Raine Inc.BLACK and close Raine Inc. associate Alex Gallo. It began with Will saying  “Hey I have an idea…” and Alex made it happen.

Some of the really interesting characteristics of the Vector fabric is that it is flash resistant, so it’s not going to melt and become a permanent second skin if you get flashed out. Second, it is completely hydro-phobic so it will shed any and all moisture it encounters. Third, it is anti-microbial so you don’t have to worry about it getting rotten and falling apart or stinking. Finally, Raine BLACK laser cuts these because not only is it so much more precise, but you can do any kind of modifications, punch holes, cut it, and nothing will come unraveled or fray…you don’t have to finish the edges of this because anywhere you cut it, it is already finished.

A couple of other items of note in Vector are the MOLLE channels.  Raine BLACK just flat out got rid of fabric that didn’t need to exist. “What’s your point!?”… Our point is that in doing so, it is made so much easier to weave your load carry pouches onto the platform. Simple lay your pouch face down on any surface, lay Vector LCP over the pouch MOLLE grid, and boom, everything falls out into nice wide open MOLLE weaving spaces. There’s no fighting or cursing, it’s simple.

To add to the material reduction party, a question Raine BLACK often gets is “Why don’t you camouflage it?”…2 reasons. First, we reduced the profile down so much that when you apply your load carry system to the platform, it becomes pretty irrelevant as your camo load covers the entire platform. Second, it costs money to do that and we were more interested in giving you guys a superior product in strength and weight at an affordable price. Additionally, we laid these out so the user can utilize the panel in conjunction with their armor system. They will merry up to any place carrier or body armor vest. When you get the Vector, it comes with a buckle kit so you can do that very thing without having to purchase anything extra, or modify anything.

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