Just ‘How Tough’ is Raine BLACK’s Vector?

Raine Inc. has posted previous comments and descriptions about the Vector LCP.  The Vector is the epitome of Will Rome’s mantra of “Lighter..Faster..Stronger” that he applies to everything for Raine BLACK that he works on.  Instead of continually talking about what this stuff can do and trying to “sell” you on it… here are photos to see for yourself:

vector-2guys2 vector-still pulling  vector-two guysvector-still trying endSee “Mongo” examining the damage he wasn’t able to create, while Will laughs vector-pulling using footabout it in the background. The gentlemen pictured trying to deteriorate the Vecor LCP are “Doc” and “Mongo”. Both guys are 6’ and 6’4”, 200+lbs.

Don’t wait…from now until December 25th, get 20% OFF ALL Raine BLACK gear when you order at www.raineblack.com, BLACK’s new website.

Select the items in your cart and enter promo code “black13” upon checkout.  Raine Inc. offices will be closed Dec. 24 & Dec. 25 but discount on orders taken during that time with be given through 12/25 at 11:59 pm and processed quickly.  Hurry before the 20% off discount ends.

Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be useIMG_0885d up to the Tier One level and is Berry Complaint.  Follow Raine BLACK on Instagram to see firsthand about the latest happenings.

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