Made in USA, Broken Down for You

gun slings-instaRaine BLACK gun slings are made with the highest quality materials.  MIL-W-5625 is the base we build from. The slider plates and single point plates are made and anodized in Ohio. Our slings with plastic hardware feature ITW Nexus low IR hardware made in the USA. And in this case, our COBRA sling is fitted with mountaineering tested Austri Alpin hardware.  If you’re an existing Raine BLACK sling user, roger up with another Instagram user (link to who you think might be in need of a new gun sling… First 3 users identified will get a new gun sling on Raine.

A question has been asked about the variety of hardware configurations. Generally the QD mounts accompany the all metal Austri Alpin hardware, and HK hooks accompany the Nexus hardware. Go to for the product detail.

Raine Inc. celebrates 28 years this June of offering quality gear for the military and law anderson signenforcement.  Its headquarters are located in Anderson, Indiana.  Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Complaint.   Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.  More product information can be found at

BONUS:  Get 20% off your first order on Raine BLACK’s website when you click here and ‘Like’ Raine Inc. on Facebook.  The “Like” button will be on the right towards the top of screen. Then, once you ‘Like’ the page, you will receive a special code to use for 20% off first order.

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