Raine Inc. Now on Amazon

gun slings-insta

Raine General Purpose Quick Adjust Sling can be found here on Amazon.

You can now buy some of Raine Inc. and Raine BLACK products on Amazon! Check us out!  Plus if you sign up, you can receive Free 2 Day shipping if you are an Amazon Prime customer. Click here to view products available on Amazon.

Raine Inc. manufactures over 500 products- from nylon military field gear, law enforcement equipment, cell phone cases, radio cases, paramedic pouches, police duty gear, ID holders, equipment belts, holsters, sports bags to tool pouches for tough field use. 95% of Raine’s products are Made in the USA and Berry Compliant, more product info can be found at: http://raineinc.com.

In addition, Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Complaint. Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.

PLUS: Go to www.raineblack.com click on “Free Patch” tab at the top for you guessed it… A FREE PATCH!


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