Watch the SOF LCS Dump Pouch from Raine BLACK In Action

See the video of the new SOF LCS Dump Pouch here by Raine BLACK up close.

The SOF LCS Dump Pouch features:

  • LITELOK ® Nylon Fabric
  • In the stowed position, it’s small and lightweight. Just one click will deploy the pouch.
  • It can hold up to seven rifle magazines or other sensitive items
  • Easy to cinch up and keep control of your items

sof-dump-pouch-26dumpsf-openFor order info, click here for details.

Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Complaint. Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.

PLUS: Go to click on “Free Patch” tab at the top for you guessed it… A FREE PATCH!

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