It’s the Little Things that can make the Day a Bit Easier…

Ever needing to write down a detail of your next move as a reminder? Or that phone number or thought that you don’t want to forget?  Meet: the Raine Inc. Pen/Pencil holder.

It’s one of those items that will just help in your every day.

  • Durable, nylon pouch can hold 3 pens/markers in the front
  • Large back pocket to hold large markers or other supplies, can hold scissors up to 7.75″ in length.
  • Secure, adjustable belt loop

This pouch has been used extensively by US military personnel and can be found here.  Made in USA. And you’ll find plenty of different utility pouches to help as well.

Raine Inc. has this in mind to make your every day just easier without the fuss. No more searching for that pencil. Find it easily. Repeat.  And Hear what customers are saying about the product here.

freepatch-instaCheck out to view our nylon tough field gear that’s been used by the United States military, and other professionals in areas of Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Medical and Outdoor Sports.

Additionally, Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Compliant.   Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.

To get a FREE patch, go to, click on Free Patch tab at the very top of website.

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