HINT: No sand paper needed. Tricks about Raine’s Bridger

Raine Inc.’s Bridger adds back the MOLLE/PALS real-estate lost from using FirstSpear® Tubes™ and “Bridges the Gap” with smooth, quick release function.

Watch this video for the inner workings on Raine’s Bridger, how to assemble, fix or undo attachments such as:

  1. The Bridger fully installed will fit on any First Spear® cummerbund made as of 2018 with tube system.
  2. Ever wonder how to fix / undo / loosen or tighten Zip Ties to configure the left -OR- right cummerbund?
  3. There’s a trick on the Quick Release pull extender.
  4. Install the Hook & Loop closures with these tricks.
    • Did you know any standard MOLLE compatible pouch can be laced onto this system?
  5. Make sure all the pouches are attached at the beginning for easier install.
  6. Test location of pouches with plate carrier and vest to be easily opened or closed.
  7. All can be removed and detached as shown.

The Bridger full details can be found at https://www.rainetacticalgear.com/product/the-bridger/.  Made in USA. LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Choice of four color options.

RAINE TACTICAL GEAR, outfitting America’s Heroes since 1986.  www.rainetacticalgear.com

Check out Raine’s loyalty program. It’s FREE to join, you will earn points towards products with 10% off your first purchase.

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