The Necessity of a Belt

People have been wearing belts since the 1920s. Oh yes, belts serve a purpose. Holding up your pants, completing a uniform or carrying tools are reasons that won’t change for this important item.

Did you know Raine Inc. has been making belts since 1986, when the company began? That’s over 33 years in the belt business and Made in the USA.

They have outfitted the military, law enforcement and police as well as other customers. The Certified Marine Martial Arts Buckle M.C.M.A.P. Standard is U.S.M.C. approved and made proudly.

This standard item is not to be taken for granted. They are each carefully crafted with most of the products using the hook and loop closure, and hold up to daily use using high quality Nylon material.

Since Raine Inc. began, they produced 2-3 types of belts in the first year. Since then they’ve added more in a variety of colors and many sizes to fit most anyone.

Get quality with Raine’s belts, as it is a necessity we deliver every day proudly.

RAINE TACTICAL GEAR, outfitting America’s Heroes since 1986.

Check out Raine’s loyalty program. It’s FREE to join, you will earn points towards products with 10% off your first purchase.

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