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gun slings-instaRaine BLACK gun slings are made with the highest quality materials.  MIL-W-5625 is the base we build from. The slider plates and single point plates are made and anodized in Ohio. Our slings with plastic hardware feature ITW Nexus low IR hardware made in the USA. And in this case, our COBRA sling is fitted with mountaineering tested Austri Alpin hardware.  If you’re an existing Raine BLACK sling user, roger up with another Instagram user (link to who you think might be in need of a new gun sling… First 3 users identified will get a new gun sling on Raine.

A question has been asked about the variety of hardware configurations. Generally the QD mounts accompany the all metal Austri Alpin hardware, and HK hooks accompany the Nexus hardware. Go to for the product detail.

Raine Inc. celebrates 28 years this June of offering quality gear for the military and law anderson signenforcement.  Its headquarters are located in Anderson, Indiana.  Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Complaint.   Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.  More product information can be found at

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Sneak Peek: May 2013 Cover of Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Raine Inc. is proud to be associated with Craig “Sawman” Sawyer’s success with Animal Planet’s ‘Rhino Wars’. While Craig is performing the vital function of team leader of his detail, he is also doing something greater than himself; protecting something in nature that cannot protect itself against a very real threat to its existence.

“Raine is happy to play its part for Craig and his team, outfitting them with their armor system and load carry equipment. In order for Craig and his team to perform its vital function, they also require as much protection as they can afford themselves. This includes body armor, weapons, and the means to stop any threat posed. Raine is excited to be part of this and would like to wish Craig and his team great success as they continue to do great things in Africa,” said Will Romes, Marketing & Development Manager.

Raine announced in the Fall of 2012 the addition of Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer to their team where he’ll assist with product development. To learn more about Sawyer and Raine, go to

 For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Joins Raine Inc. for Special Operation Forces and Battlefield Solutions

Raine Inc. is doing some innovative stuff. They’ve brought new people on board and released new designs. And now, they’ve announced the addition of Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman”Sawyer to their team where he’ll assist with product development. Sawyer began his career as a Marine and later joined the Navy to become a SEAL serving at SEAL Team 1 and at DEVGRU. After leaving the Navy, he served as a high threat mobile security contractor and in federal law enforcement. More recently, he has worked with the entertainment industry as a technical advisor and military/firearms expert on popular productions such as History Channel’s “Top Shot” and the Military Channel’s “Deadliest Sniper”.

Raine Inc. is very proud to have such a fine warrior on its team. With new developments in Raine Inc.’s fighting kit, Sawyer has already begun putting his stamp on various products and processes. The battlefield can be a tricky place that is ever evolving. Sawyer and Raine Inc. see solutions to these challenges through current and relevant experience. This serves our clients when they need it most, in action. As special operations and unconventional warfare continue to evolve, we will meet the needs of our warriors with real solutions designed by warriors, for warriors. Looking forward, Sawyer will be involved in all aspects of product development, design, marketing and education of Raine products.

“Lighter, Faster, Stronger” is our mindset and Sawyer will help us continue to move in that direction.

Will Romes                                                                                                                 Marketing & Development Manager

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

Navigate Raine’s Made in the USA Products Online

Did you know that Raine Inc.’s products are Made in the USA?   On Raine’s website, in the product detail, you will see this logo online at www.raineinc.comfor every American-made product and know.

Raine’s over 500 products can be compliant to the Berry Amendment and are truly ‘Made in the USA’.  This means that all textile end products including all components have been grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced in the United States or one of its territories.

Click here to see an example.

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

Message from John Raine about 26 Years

Raine Inc. celebrates 26 Years of offering quality gear for the military and law enforcement. Check out this video from John Raine

Raine would like to offer you a special discount for the first part of June. Go to for promo code after watching the video. Raine’s website to look through over 500+ products is:

Celebrating 26 Years!

Since 1986, Raine Inc. has been manufacturing nylon military field gear, law enforcement equipment, cell phone cases, radio cases, paramedic pouches, police duty gear, ID holders, equipment belts, holsters, sports bags, tool pouches and knife sheaths for tough field use.

Raine Inc.’s location began in Daleville, IN in 1986, moved to Chesterfield in 1990 and finally to this Anderson location in 1994.

Raine has grown over the years in the number of products they produce, but remains true to producing durable and quality, inspected products.  This principle is what guides us to provide the best products possible.

We’d like to celebrate with our customers.  Raine is offering 10% off total orders if you mention this blog when placing your order.   This special anniversary promotion runs from June 1 – 16. Orders may be called in to 1-(800) 826-5354 or online at for a complete list of Raine’s products.  The Online Coupon Code is RAINE26.

Thank you for letting us provide you field gear these past 26 years.  Raine truly appreciates your business.

Who Uses Maps Anymore?

Times have changed over the years. Believe it or not, soldiers actually used paper maps in the field. Raine Inc. produced (and still does) the finest map cases in the world. They varied in different sizes and shapes to fit the mission. The Individual map case is the smallest 7”x9”. The Squad map case has a larger 15”x14” viewing area and can be folded neatly in a zippered binder that fits the BDU Cargo pocket. The Rolled map case has a much larger 16”x44” viewing area. The Jumbo case speaks for itself. Of course Raine produces the Map Bag that dates back to the 18th century.

Maps are being replaced by GPS devices. Raine has been on the forefront of creating innovative GPS cases for the field. Information cases (i.e. IPad, Iphone, smart phones, I-whatever) are the wave of the modern Army and Raine is on it. Please click here to find out more info. in our Product Catalog about  Map Cases, GPS cases and Smart Phone Cases. 

Keep in mind, when batteries run out, paper always works.  And, we would love to hear about your map stories.

John Raine

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

Where on the Map is Raine Inc?

Raine Inc. is located in Anderson, Indiana.  Anderson is a small city located 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. From the early 1900’s to the 1990’s, Anderson hosted Delco Remy, GM and Guide Lamp (later Fisher Guide) who were the top employers in the city. All have now moved out of Anderson and took with them the 30000+ high paying blue collar jobs they employed.  Needless to say, the city is trying to rebound while hurting economically and needing to diversify its’ business base.

Raine Inc. is proud to be part of the Anderson, Indiana economic rebound. We moved to Anderson in 1994 to occupy a 4000 sq. foot building on five acres of land with city utilities. This situation is ideal for expansion.  The first 9000 sq.ft. expansion took place in 1996 and the second 9000 sq.ft. expansion took place in 2002. The building is constructed so the back wall can be removed and built onto.  Needless to say, Raine has plenty of flexibility for growth and plans on staying in Anderson for the long haul.

Raine’s Product Philosophy: Built for Use

Twenty-four years ago when I was looking at businesses to buy, I wanted get into something that added a high level of value to a product that was of tremendous quality. It was very important to me to have a customer be happy with a Raine product long after the purchase. This goal is more challenging in the military market since gear is subjected to very tough field conditions on a daily basis. 

Deluxe Rigger Sheath MOLLE ACU
; Model: 0005MAC

To achieve this goal, every Raine product has a simple, common sense design, is built to last and is not over or under engineered. Every product is inspected, not only at a certain percentage. We have learned over the years where stitching must be reinforced for maximum wear – absolutely no products are built in obsolescence.  Finally, each product is built with the proper material to withstand tough field conditions and to minimize its weight. 

In the end, you will find that Raine products are tough but very affordable. That is the main reason we have been around for over 24 years.
John Raine
For a complete list of Raine’s products,  go to  The Deluxe Rigger Sheath can be found by following this link: