Raine BLACK Dump Pouch

Raine BLACK’s latest Dump Pouch is ready!  Check out this Pouch and what fabrics are now available by watching this video.

The Dump Pouch–made with high-quality construction–  can be placed right below your initial reload magazine or keeps Night Vision equipment and Thermal Devices protected. The Pouch is manufactured using 500D Cordura, is Made in the USA and Berry Compliant.

The dual purpose pouch including the Single Mag Pouch and Dump Pouch was Raine BLACK’s answer to a very specific request by the user community during a recent industry day.  Will Romes, Raine’s Marketing & Development Manager, spent time working with USASOC members to get the actual layout and details worked out in how to maximize durability and save weight, but also adding a measure of dual purpose with regards to a dual purpose pouch. The single mag and the dumper were both line items listings on their list, so we combined their first line draw with where they were dumping the spent mags. We decided to place the dumper under the mag because of profile. Ultimately when rolled up, it presented a profile they didn’t like on their first like belt.

Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, and can be found at http://raineinc.com.   For more information about the Dump Pouch, go to http://raineinc.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=70&products_id=2273

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