Just the Basics Raine Inc. ID Holder

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Raine’s Armband ID Holder – Basic, yet Reliable

If you haven’t already, check out Raine’s tried & true Armband ID holder.  This durable Holder will keep your important info close at hand.

  • Four colors to choose from include: Black, Multicam, Tan and Foliage Green.
  • The case fits over the arm with two elastic straps and holds a large ID.
  • For Flight Line Use.
  • Durable Nylon And Clear Double Polished Vinyl.
  • Velcro Closure
  • Adjustable Arm Strap.

To order, go to https://www.raineblack.com/military-armband-id-holder-025ja

Who doesn’t need a reliable place to keep their ID? Raine Inc.’s armband ID is the answer to offering items that solve the basic, everyday use of keeping your ID handy and intact without another thought.

Raine TACTICAL is our brand that embraces top-notch quality for the toughest gear. Made in the USA and Berry Compliant. www.rainetactical.com

Raine Inc., serving our military, law enforcement and civilian customers for over 30+ years.

It’s the Little Things that can make the Day a Bit Easier…

Ever needing to write down a detail of your next move as a reminder? Or that phone number or thought that you don’t want to forget?  Meet: the Raine Inc. Pen/Pencil holder.

It’s one of those items that will just help in your every day.

  • Durable, nylon pouch can hold 3 pens/markers in the front
  • Large back pocket to hold large markers or other supplies, can hold scissors up to 7.75″ in length.
  • Secure, adjustable belt loop

This pouch has been used extensively by US military personnel and can be found here.  Made in USA. And you’ll find plenty of different utility pouches to help as well.

Raine Inc. has this in mind to make your every day just easier without the fuss. No more searching for that pencil. Find it easily. Repeat.  And Hear what customers are saying about the product here.

freepatch-instaCheck out raineinc.com to view our nylon tough field gear that’s been used by the United States military, and other professionals in areas of Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Medical and Outdoor Sports.

Additionally, Raine Inc. offers a variety of products in their Raine BLACK line, superior high end gear to be used up to the Tier One level, Made in the USA, and Berry Compliant.   Raine BLACK: “Serving the Best Warriors in the World”.

To get a FREE patch, go to www.raineblack.com, click on Free Patch tab at the very top of website.

July 16th is Military Consumer Protection Day

US_hundred_dollar_billDid you know there is a day designated to learn about the resources and organizations that can help protect your well-earned military pay or veterans benefits?

In 2013, the CFPB and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) combined had 81,000 complaints from military consumers. There was a range of reasons but the most important common theme in all the complaints was that the member in the military community who wrote the complaint had taken the time to look for help on a pressing consumer issue from a trusted source.

Take the time for yourself — who would YOU turn to if you need help with a financial or consumer problem.  Read here to find out more and keep this information on hand.  More than anything, it’s important to express your complaints as this organization is here to help you.

Raine Has Brought On Dan With Development Plans

Raine Inc. is proud to introduce Dan Wilson as the newest addition to its development team. Raine is committed to the constant pursuit of problem solving on today’s very dynamic battlefield, and we believe that the addition of Dan is a force multiplier in that pursuit. Dan comes to Raine by way of the United States Air force, where he is a 14 year veteran of active and National Guard service. Dan joins Raine in “Development”, with his main focuses hovering around technical product and manufacturing development.

“Danny has a very technical brain; he is very problem solving oriented. Having served together and through a lot together, he was the next logical step in our development processes, and really development as a company.  He and I have been working very closely on a lot of projects over the years and while only being here at Raine for a few short months, his impact has been immediate and has started the company on positive paths from top to bottom. We’ve only scratched the surface with Danny on board, and I think his impact is going to continue to be felt in a big way as we proceed on with our objectives. He embodies our “Lighter..Faster…Stronger” mindset so I think this is going to be a lot of fun!”

-Will Romes, Development & Marketing Manager, Raine Inc

Raine Inc. is in its 26th year of producing high quality, durable nylon gear and have been overwhelmingly accepted by the US Military as well as by professionals in the areas of Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Industry and Outdoor Sports.  To learn more about our Made in the USA and Berry Compliant products, click here.

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Our Military: Keeping Us Safe by Ron James

Read how Ron James, Raine’s Business Manager, views the military while on the job.

“With the passing of the anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack on our country, I am reminded of the fine young men and women who stand in front of the citizenry of the United States to protect us and keep us safe.  Besides doing trade shows, I also travel around the country to military bases.  I go into the retail stores on base and set up a small display when they are doing promotional events to draw in more business.  This is one of my favorite things to do because I get to speak with our military people and ask them how we can be of service, what else we can develop for them and how our products perform.  I also usually get a chance to speak with them about more personal things, such as hometowns and families.  One thing I always try to ask is how they are doing in the military and how they like that life.  For the most part, I think most of them candidly give me their honest opinions; especially those who plan on the military as a career, or at least a long-term commitment through the reserves after their active duty is complete.  Some are in it for the educational benefit that follows their enlistment, some are, quite frankly, disappointed with their situations.  Many are high functioning individuals who I know will be successful.   A few don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain.

They all, however, share some common attributes.  They all are in generally good spirits; even those facing an upcoming deployment.  They are fully aware of the risks involved (as are their family members).  They deeply and genuinely love their country and are proud to serve her.  Most importantly, they are committed to their brother or sister in arms.  It doesn’t matter if they are the genius or the one needing leadership the most, the thing they fear more than anything is failing their fellow soldiers.  Wherever they go and whatever they are called upon to do, they will have each other’s backs regardless of the personal risk involved.

I don’t know the origin of the question, I’m not even sure it’s not just a line from the Patton movie, but someone once asked, while viewing a pitched battle, “where do these young men come from?” or something to that effect.  In truth, I don’t have the answer, but they are there standing watch between us and harm’s way.  May God bless them always.”

Ron James
Business Manager

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to http://raineinc.com.  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.

Upfront on Experience in the Military by Will Romes

Read firsthand how Will Romes, Raine’s Marketing and Product Development Manager, views his experience of serving the military to now working in the manufacturing side of things.

“Working in the defense contracting industry is very much the same as being in the field as a military member. There’s chains of command, there’s budgets, there are lessons learned and best practices, etc. The military is set up for good order and discipline, with a lot of its work being conducted with guns, but all in all, it’s nothing more than a business whose chief product is providing for the common defense as outlined by our constitution.

I spent a number of years with my boots on the ground leading men, gaining perspective, translating that perspective to the officers appointed over me, and then taking the fight to the enemy. One thing I learned in that time was what I could do to make my equipment better suited for me and my mission set. Naturally, I took that perspective and started looking for ways to make the revisions I wanted done a reality. I found that in Forward Operating Base Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq, where some folks from the 25th Infantry Division had an old sewing machine laying in a corner. Thanks to the marvels of the internet, I ordered some raw materials from the depths of an old Iraqi bunker. The rest is history for me. The transition from military member to military contractor was a seamless one. I still maintain good order and discipline, utilize my chain of command firmly, translate my perspective to those appointed over me, and still take the fight to the enemy…although by different means now. I do it by developing the best products the fighting man or woman could ask for, thereby making them more effective in the field; spending less time worrying about their kit, and more focus on the task at hand. 

The transition is nothing more than a mindset adjustment. While some things change, most are the same to a degree. Taking the man out of the field, cleaning the dirt off his face, and teaching him to not use curse words as often is a transition…but an easy one knowing I still help on the field of battle.


Will Romes
Marketing & Development Manager

For a complete list of Raine’s products, go to http://raineinc.com.  Click here to become a fan of Raine’s on Facebook and receive 10% off your online order.